Every year, more than one billion pounds of trash and other pollutants enter the oceans through various sources.

Steer a paper boat to collect some of the most common trash items found in our oceans. 
Your efforts will make a visible change to your surroundings.


Use W, A, S, D, the Arrow Keys or the left stick of your controller to control the boat.
Press Space on your keyboard or the Start Button on your controller to pause and unpause during the game.


Plastic Sea was created in two weeks during the My First Game Jam: Summer 2018 and is the first game we ever made.

Music by jays_head.


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It's that kind of game that could be more an "experience" than a game.

Very relaxing, the bgm matches the fluidity of the controls and animations. Beautiful art too! Congratulations!

It's a lovely, relaxing game with gorgeous music. Well done!

Transitions and visuals are really nice. Music very soothing.
I think you've achieved the "relaxing" mood that you were aiming for.
Controls and menus are intuitive.
I did notice the change in art as the game went on.

I think some sort of feedback when collecting the plastic would give it more of a nicer touch (its already a nice game anyways).

The art is fantastic and the mood top notch.

I think some subtle sound effects would have been nice when you picked up trash, or at least whenever there's an "upgrade" for the island. I didn't notice it changing (even with the flash effect) as I was so focused on the water.

Great entry, thank you for making it!

This was a very nice experience. Short, sweet and polished which - if you ask me - is a great formula for a jam game. For a first game ever made, this is a really great effort. Thank you for this experience and good luck with your game dev journey!   

I LOVE this game so much!! The art is extremely cute, the music is nice and relaxing, and it's enough of a challenge without being frustrating. It's really satisfying to see everything get cleaned up at the end of the game, and it has a great message. Well done guys!!

So nice and chill! What a wonderful, positive game!

Love the art, music and message. Simple and effective . Great work, I really enjoyed playing.