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It's that kind of game that could be more an "experience" than a game.

Very relaxing, the bgm matches the fluidity of the controls and animations. Beautiful art too! Congratulations!

It's a lovely, relaxing game with gorgeous music. Well done!

Transitions and visuals are really nice. Music very soothing.
I think you've achieved the "relaxing" mood that you were aiming for.
Controls and menus are intuitive.
I did notice the change in art as the game went on.

I think some sort of feedback when collecting the plastic would give it more of a nicer touch (its already a nice game anyways).

The art is fantastic and the mood top notch.

I think some subtle sound effects would have been nice when you picked up trash, or at least whenever there's an "upgrade" for the island. I didn't notice it changing (even with the flash effect) as I was so focused on the water.

Great entry, thank you for making it!

This was a very nice experience. Short, sweet and polished which - if you ask me - is a great formula for a jam game. For a first game ever made, this is a really great effort. Thank you for this experience and good luck with your game dev journey!   

I LOVE this game so much!! The art is extremely cute, the music is nice and relaxing, and it's enough of a challenge without being frustrating. It's really satisfying to see everything get cleaned up at the end of the game, and it has a great message. Well done guys!!

So nice and chill! What a wonderful, positive game!

Love the art, music and message. Simple and effective . Great work, I really enjoyed playing.